Welcome to Cornish Crabbers

Cornish Crabbers are recognised around the world as the leading builder of traditionally styled sailing yachts and motor launches. With exceptional build quality and unrivalled resale value, you will enjoy a boat that is not only a pleasure to sail, but also a sensible investment.

Cornish Crabbers offer 6 production series each designed to fulfil the different requirements desired by those looking for quality, British built craft.

The Shrimper Series has 3 gaff rigged trailer sailers to choose from in 17’, 19’ and the more recent and very popular Shrimper 21. If trailer sailing is your thing then these great little cruisers do it in style.

If you are looking for something a little bigger for coastal and offshore cruising the Classic Series is what you need. Also with lifting keels & gaff rig as standard the Crabber 24, 26 & Pilot Cutter 30 are stunning looking yachts with a build quality envied around the globe.

If gaff rig is not your thing why not take a look at our Adventure Series versions with Bermudan alloy rigs. A modern slant on our classic styling without losing any of our world famous quality or shallow draft.

We also build a deep keel range of cruisers called the Mystery Series. With narrow beam and spoon bow profiles the Mystery is the ultimate sea-keeper. Available in 30’ & 35’ you will turn heads wherever you make landfall.

If motor boating is becoming more your thing then you must consider our Cornish Clam Series of motor launches. All the benefits of Cornish Crabber ownership without the ropes……….

The Limpet 10 and Cormorant 12 dinghies complete our range. Brilliant entry level boats which are supremely stable, easy to rig and sail.

Why not join the Cornish Crabbers Club. You don’t need to be an owner! It’s just a great way to hear other owners experiences and even have a chat with them.