Crabbers Classic Restoration

Cornish Crabbers value the Heritage and the Tradition of our builds from over 40 hard earned years.

Whilst we are immensely proud of all the new boats we continue to develop and produce; our legacy is built on acknowledging the value of the early boats and customers that are still flying our flag to this day.

Our Classic Restoration service is tailored to your needs and carried out with the same passion as we apply to our new builds. The finished product will feel special to the owner providing the same wow factor that was felt by the original owner on delivery day.

Your boat was built with pride by a skilled and passionate Cornish workforce, some of whom are still working from the same factory to this day.

If you have an elderly or rather well used Cornish Crabber that requires restoration, we would be delighted to discuss the possibilities of a restoration journey with you.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements: Click here