Shrimper 21


The Shrimper 21 is the most modern boat in the range, designed to enhance all the magic that the Shrimper series offers with a continued focus on the classic finish and build quality yet offering more space and some new features.

The lifting keel gives a shallow 1’10” draught making her ideal for both cruising and inshore exploring. Drying moorings are easily accessible keeping running costs to a minimum.

The rig is optimised to make the boat easy to prepare for launching using a clever pivoting bowsprit making mast lifting safe and easy. The very simple track & strap mainsail attachments streamline the rigging process.

Fait inhabituel pour un bateau de cette taille du bateau standard comporte un Yanmar 9hp intérieur Diesel. Ce qui la différencie des autres marins de la remorque sur le marché.

The self draining cockpit is well protected with high coamings and has room for up to 6 adults. Spacious cockpit lockers to port and starboard offer dedicated battery, water and gas storage. Teak inlays are a stylish option.

Below deck the accommodation is satisfyingly generous including a well-appointed galley with a double gas burner and fully plumbed sink. A full size double forward v-berth is easily accessible from the saloon with 2 full length settee berths extending under the cockpit. A sea toilet can be fitted as an option under the forward berth.

Every boat is built to order with exterior colours and interior layout finished to your liking. Top quality deck fittings, sails and boom cover come as standard.

Témoignage client

The extra space allows for a more comfortable and practical interior layout with ample room in the fore peek to accommodate two grandchildren when harbour cruising.

Peter & Fran Trowill


Longueur hors tout 24’10” 7.57m
Longueur sur tablier 20’11” 6.40m
Longueur ligne de flottaison 20’ 6.09m
Faisceau 7’10” 2.40m
Tirant d'eau 1’10” – 4’5” 0.57m – 1.35m
Déplacement 3086lb 1400 kg
Surface de voilure 252ft2 23.6m2
Environ remorquage poids £ 4410 2000 kg
Catégorie RCD C

Shrimper 21 standard sail away specification

Hull Construction: Hand laid solid GRP hull with no foam core. Integral centerplate case laminated as part of the complete hull structure. Internal bunk and
forepeak moulding bonded into hull with internal structural bulkheads bonded to both hull and deck mouldings. Standard colours are Off White, Dark Blue
or Dark Green. The hull and deck joint is by way of an overlap or ‘Biscuit Tin Lid’ with GRP bonding.
Rudder: The rudder is transom hung on two stainless steel hangings bolted through the transom with Hardwood backing pads. The rudder is constructed
from laminated Plywood with a stainless steel lifting drop plate.
Lits de moteur: Engine beds are incorporated in the GRP bunk moulding with mild steel mounts bonded into the bed design, which incorporates an oil drip
Ballast: Ballast is by way of iron punchings encapsulated in resin inside the hull keel moulding. A galvanised steel centerplate forms part of the ballast
with a stainless steel lifting wire leading to a winch lifting system operated from the cockpit.
Boot Top: Un top de démarrage unique moulée en gel coat situé au-dessus du niveau de l'antifouling. Couleur contrairement à coque principale et correspondant normalement le pont.
Deck Construction: Hand laid GRP with Balsa core in way of horizontal load areas. Hard wood pads under deck fittings and stress points.
Cockpit : Cockpit locker lids are hand laid with Balsa core. There is integrated non-slip on horizontal surfaces with an optional two-tone colour. Cockpit
drains are located aft in the main foot well with additional drainage from the seats. Watertight lockers offer storage for batteries, water & gas. A central
locker houses the diesel engine when fitted.
accastillage: Bespoke deck fittings including bowsprit, tabernacle and chain plates are made from stainless steel. 4 stainless steel deck cleats are
positioned aft & amidships with two fairleads feeding a teak sampson post forward. All sail controls are led aft to rope clutches / jammers with a single
halyard winch to starboard. Adjustable sheet cars. Access below is via a teak lined sliding companionway hatch and split plywood / Perspex washboards.
Extra ventilation provided by an aluminium forward hatch.
Ports: 2 aluminium fixed ports are fitted one each in the deck topsides.
plaques de la chaîne: éclisses de chaîne sont en acier inoxydable et à travers boulonné sur les côtés de la coque.
Vents: La ventilation est par un évent planche à laver et l'ouverture écoutille avant.
Miscellaneous Equipment: Fuel filler &tank vent.(Inboard version only), Life harness attachment point by the companionway. Rope tidies for halyards.
Cockpit Casiers: Two main watertight lockers with latches and padlocks are provided. A padlock is also provided for the companionway hatch.
Mestre: Laminated in Sitka Spruce and treated with Sikkens Cetol including a stainless steel mast band to take Cap shrouds, jib and mainsail halyards.
All deck mounted on a substantial stainless steel tabernacle.
Boom principal: Laminated in Sitka Spruce and treated with Sikkens Cetol including a Stainless steel gooseneck fitting, kicker and mainsheet bands and all
associated reefing line leads / terminals.
Beaupré: Laminated in Sitka Spruce and treated with Sikkens Cetol including a stainless steel pivot fitting, end plate and bobstay take off points.
Gaff: Laminated in Sitka Spruce and treated with Sikkens Cetol including a Stainless steel gaff collar with rubber protection on bearing surface. Wire hoist
span and block.
Gréement dormant: Bas haubans et l'étai à 4 mm 1 x 19 fils en acier inoxydable avec des extrémités swagged. ridoirs chromé. Jib monté sur
reefing spar and controls led aft to cockpit.
Gréement courant: Principales gorge / pic drisses - tresse 8 mm. Foc et trinquette drisses - tresse 8 mm. lift nappage principal - tresse 8 mm. lignes - grand-voile reefing
tresse 8 mm. Mainsail outhaul - tresse 8 mm. feuilles et grand voile foc - 10 mm corde de feuille. Tous les blocs associés pour tacles d'achat.
Grand-voile: Dacron in tan or cream. 2 reef points with tie in lacing.
Jib: Dacron in tan or cream with wire luff and tell tails.
Boom Couverture: In maroon, or cream acrylic. Fixings to allow for topping lift and mainsheet take off. All sails supplied with, sail numbers, logo and ties.


Version hors-bord
Hors-bord ainsi: A teak engine mounting with stainless brackets. Engine well hull blank. GRP moulded fuel tank stowage and fuel lead splitter through aft
locker compartment. (fuel lead not supplied as standard)

Inboard Version

Équipement Stern: Un «arbre 1 en acier inoxydable est muni relié au moteur par un accouplement et équipée d''étanchéité à lèvres' une glande Marine marées. L'arbre entraîne une hélice 2 pales fixe.

Engine: Yanmar 1GM10 9hp marine diesel engine. A 55 amp (12V) alternator is fitted to the engine.

Instruments et Commandes moteur: The engine instruments are located at the rear of the cockpit coaming and are recessed with a clear cover. Instruments
include audible alarm, alternator warning light, start switch and stop control. A single lever engine control is supplied and fitted in the cockpit well.
Refroidissement moteur: The engine is directly salt water cooled. A 1/2″ diameter pipe leads from the main seawater inlet through a strainer to the engine and
discharges overboard through the exhaust.
Gaz d'échappement: Un tuyau d'échappement flexible relie l'échappement via un col de cygne avec séparateur d'eau au raccord par le tableau arrière sortie.
Système de carburant: A plastic diesel tank with a capacity of approximately 38 litres, breather and integrated fuel gauge. The tank is fitted with flow and return
lines, the flow line having a manual shut off valve.

Système de cale: 1 x pompe de cale manuelle manoeuvrée du cockpit avec une poignée stocké dans le coffre arrière.
Réservoirs d'eau frais: 2 x 10ltr plastic jerry cans with manual hand pump. Also a bucket / sink.
Système de sol: Quand il est monté la tête déchargent directement à la mer via une boucle de ventilation et le raccord peau.
Inlet / Outlet Fittings: Engine: In through a single skin fitting with a valve and strainer, out via the exhaust system.
Système de gaz: There is a double burner hob cooker attached to a separately stored gas bottle.
12 volts DC système
Batteries: Engine – one 12 volt 88 amp/hour. (Optional on outboard version)
De charge: Via moteur principal - un 35 ampères (à 12 volts) alternateur.
Standard: Un panneau de bouton option est installé aux bateaux qui ont électronique supplémentaire équipés.
Divers Équipement de série
Deck: 1 x winch handle. 1 x bilge pump handle stowed in aft cockpit locker. 1 x fire extinguisher – situated down below.
Menuiserie: The interior joinery is constructed from high quality materials and in accordance with good yacht practice. Bulkheads and side back linings are
from plywood.
Finition: All cabin woodwork is finished in a mix of painted bulkheads and varnished trim.
Soles: Laminate, teak and holly sole boards fitted as standard.
Tapisserie d'ameublement: Un choix de tissus d'ameublement de plastique souple ou essuyer est disponible.

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