Pilot Cutter 30 build & launch


As the build progressed it became clear why the Pilot Cutter 30 is our flag ship. Elegant and stylish lines reminiscent of a bygone era. Combine this polished look with high quality contemporary fittings and buoyant residual value to make her the perfect choice for the astute and discerning sailor. The pride & craftsmanship that went into her build are apparent from stem to stern. Finished and launched in 6 months she will be moored in Poole and we wish her new owners a fantastic season and many adventures in the future.

私たちは、以来、夏に建設されるPC30のための二次をとっています。大きなボートの販売のこの活性化は、健康的なオーダーブックやビジネスに対する信頼で大きな後押しのために作っています。ロングそれは続けることが... ..

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