Bursledonレガッタ2017 - Shrimper 21レーシング

A very gentle Northerly breeze and hot sunshine greeted entrants to the 2017 Bursledon Regatta, Tom Yum, our Shrimper 21 demo boat was our weapon of choice for the race. Sundays racing got underway in 3-4 knots of wind with the mixed gaffers fleet making slow but steady progress away from the start. A short course of around 5 miles was set, which proved to be a good decision when the fleet reached the second mark of the course, the breeze completely dying for around 30 minutes as the sea breeze tried to fill in from the South West. It soon became apparent that getting as far West as possible was the best way to find breeze. Fortunately the light weight of the Shrimper 21 and it’s cutaway keel allowed the boat to tack in just 1-2 knots of wind, many of the other boats we stuck going South, away from the new sea breeze.

マーク3によって、私たちはいくつかの非常に大きな船を含め艦隊を率いました。長い幅広いリーチがソフィー、ファルマス岸壁パントを追い越すことができました。壮観な光景 - 彼女は、大きな非対称スピネーカーだけでなく、大規模なトップセールを飛んでいました! Shrimper 21風上ソフィー、ソフィーの喫水線の長さの利点を補う現代の水中プロファイルに対してある程度の距離をバック爪することができました。