The first glimpse of the Crabber 24 MKv sent ripples of excitement through the factory in Rock this week. Using a high-tech 5 axis milling machine, Monster Cam in Gosport have produced the mould tooling for the hull, with the deck tooling due here by Christmas. Our paint shop will now make it supremely smooth and shiny before it is moved into the glass shop for the GRP mould to be made. This will produce the mould from which all future Crabber 24MKv hulls are taken.

We have lots to keep us busy with the development of this innovative new addition over the winter months. Lovely sunny sailing days may feel like a long way off, especially in the wake of Storm Angus! But C24 MKv #1 will be on the water for late summer 2017.

Crabber 24 Mkv pricing can be found HERE. These prices are introductory and only available for the first 10 boat orders,or prior to the launch of boat 1, whichever comes soonest. To secure this price and be a part of the Crabber magic we are looking for a £5,000 holding deposit. This deposit is fully refundable up to the point at which your hull is mounded in your choice of colours. 2 gone and 8 opportunities left…….