Shrimper 21 nice-002

Over the last couple of months orders from around the world have boosted our already healthy order book.

A Shrimper 21 will be shipped to Brisbane, Australia on the famous Gold Coast, in time for Christmas. This brings the total  Shrimper 21s ordered since its launch in June 2015 to over 60 boats!!
An Adventure 17 is to be shipped to Uraguay – a new pin on the map for us. The beautiful English Harbour on Antigua is to become home for a Limpet 10 in time for Christmas.
European orders are also healthy with the lovely picture above taken by a customer in Holland who spent the summer cruising the stunning Swedish coastline.

Boats for export plus an abundance of orders from the Southampton Boat Show for the domestic market have led to huge optimism within the business. Traditionally, after Southampton there has been a lull in new orders, then a surge during and after Excel in January. 2016 seems to of turned this on its head & orders are vastly up for this time of year.

The All New Crabber 24 MkV has also generated a lot of interest both in the UK and abroad. The hull plug has now been completed with all the tooling due in Cornwall by Christmas. Cornish Crabber 24 MKv #1 will be on the water in time for the Southampton Boat Show 2017. With two confirmed orders in place, a full update with pre-production prices will follow shortly.

If you are looking to purchase a new Cornish Crabber for the 2017 season, please give us a call on 01208 862666 or buzz us an email HERE.  

It can be done – but we need to get you booked in ASAP!!