Pilot Cutter 30 build & launch

Though taking an order for a Pilot Cutter 30 in September 2014 was a huge deal for Cornish Crabbers, remembering how to build one wasn’t. The fact that we hadn’t built one for 8 years could have been an issue but after dusting off the mould the whole factory threw themselves into the project.

As the build progressed it became clear why the Pilot Cutter 30 is our flag ship. Elegant and stylish lines reminiscent of a bygone era. Combine this polished look with high quality contemporary fittings and buoyant residual value  to make her the perfect choice for the astute and  discerning sailor. The pride & craftsmanship that went into her build are apparent from stem to stern. Finished and launched in 6 months she will be moored in Poole and we wish her new owners a fantastic season and many adventures in the future.

We have since taken a second order for a PC30 to be built over the summer. This revitalisation of bigger boat sales is making for a healthy order book and a huge boost in confidence for the business. Long may it continue…..



IMG_0088crop IMG_0092crop IMG_0101crop IMG_0098crop photo 3